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  1. we usually do have insurance in place, but this unfortunately all happened before we had sorted it. would also normally be in a position to be able to pay that bill but with been self employed the business was effected with having to close due to covid rules etc and my wife had just been made redundant that same week. all bad timing.
  2. We purchased a poodle puppy in Sept 2020, it was a rare colour and at the time worth a lot of money (probably still are with the price of pups!!) anyway when feeding the dogs my adult cocker spaniel got in to abit of a scuffle with the puppy, the fight lasted 5 seconds if that! the puppy unfortunately ended up with a broken lower jaw, he was taken to vets, xrayed etc and had to spend the night in the vet hospital, the next day i was told 2 option surgery or pain killers and hope the jaw re sets its self. I thought pain killers and hoping for the be
  3. I purchased a High spec mountain bike in January from a bike shop for £5600, Not long after buying the bike I had an issue where the chain stuck to the crain ring and wraped its self around the chain stay causing abit of damage, i later found out this was a common issue and the manufacturers were sending out replament chain rings under warrantee (stll haven't received mine yet) I then seen on a owners page that alot of people are having problems with the carbon fiber frames cracking, i thought i best check mine and sure enough mines started to crack also! people are been told up
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