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  1. Hi all, Just an update...I have finally received the outcome of my fine I received in March. They have rejected my appeal so not good news. I am thinking to appeal to the Environment and Traffic Adjudicators. I can see from this thread alone that so many people have received penalty charges in this area as many changes have been made to street layouts, signage etc during this lockdown. I was actually in the area again this week and I was going round in circles as so many roads were no access - even Apple Maps was telling me to go down a no access street. It's ridiculous. I hope you all manage to have better luck. I will let you know the outcome should I decide to make the effort to appeal again...
  2. Hi, I am still waiting on the outcome of my appeal. I will give them a call on Monday to see what is going on! I actually went back to the area and walked around taking further photographs to support the confusion the road signage may cause drivers. Whilst there, I saw a Tesco Van enter the road and then look around baffled, not sure whether he could proceed, then make a U-turn. I will keep you updated! Good luck with your appeals!
  3. Hi, I recently received a 52JM Penalty Charge Notice on Aubert Park. I have family who live on Highbury Hill and have driven to this area many times so know the surrounding roads pretty well. This is new signage as it has replaced the Priority Over Oncoming Vehicles sign. There was no advanced warning of this change or sign ahead - I'm wondering if there is any way I can challenge this PCN please? Due to Covid, I haven't been in the area for quite a while so surely there should be some advance warning... Any help would be much appreciated! Thank you.
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