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  1. Okay, we had been on HBen and Ctaxben for nearly 20 years (god that's shameful) any recalculation resulting in us owing paid back, etc etc. Hubs got a good job in 2015/16,stopped all claims. Hooray! Hubs made redundant (no pay out, zero hours etc), claims restarted 2016. Within about 6 weeks hubs in new job but low pay, so continue claiming with reviews, evidence on a yearly, etc. Also hubs gets Working Tax Credits, also regularly reviewed, reassessed, recalculated, any overpayment paid back. I get a job in 2018 but payroll mess up for first 3 months onths (no pay. No p
  2. So, in the last 12 months we have had : HBen and Ctax recalculation resulting in Huge debt, a fraud interview thingy in a few days and today a bill from HMRC for underpaid tax since 2016. Aparrently all these issues go back to 2016 - considering everything is reviewed annually, everything we earn is through PAYE and we have always declared everything to everyone, WHY has it taken them 5 YEARS to notice any problems, why do they suspect fraud if any mistakes were THEIRS and can we do ANYTHING to get any of the debt written off? We have always provided evidence of everyt
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