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  1. They weren't very specific - there was a list of 6 or 7 possible reasons why it was refused. I'll have to check with my wife as it was her email account. They are a US company but have a registered UK Address on Companies House. I tried the chargeback but the bank said there was a 13 month limit - seems harsh on gig tickets in Covid times. It was Debit card if that makes a difference. The link seems to say 120 days limit.
  2. I bought a ticket in Dec 2019 (too long for bank involvement) for a gig in May 2020. For obvious reasons it was moved back a year to May 2021. In the meantime both the tour has been cancelled entirely (band from the USA) & the promoter went out of business. I purchased the ticket through Eventbrite so assumed they would be liable for refunds. They are apparently refusing all refunds as they have with mine. Am I mistaken with this assumption?
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