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  1. Hi all. A few weeks ago I took a few items from Asda (a bedsheet and an inexpensive ornament, came to around £10). No excuse, but been in touch with my mental health coordinator because I think this is stress-related. Never done anything like that before, and what's worse... I didn't even need the items. Security caught me. I asked if I could pay for the items, they said no. They asked to see ID, I gave them my bus card – so they know my name, and possibly have a copy of the photo ID. Then I was given an exclusion notice which says lifetime ban and was told the security camera system would be able to identify me if I came into the shop again, and I'd get a £1000 fine and be exposed to 'media'. Not really sure what to do because I need to go to Asda sometimes to get things I can't without difficulty get elsewhere. I don't feel I can just ignore the ban because the guard recognised me – I think that's why he stopped me actually. Over a year ago I had a problem with one of those scan and go things. It didn't work, genuine mistake. He clearly didn't believe me and took it upon himself to remember my face. He even said I was pretending to be ill.... I'm disabled! This guard really is a piece of work. What can I do?
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