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  1. i might wait to see if they send me a final tax reward with what i owe for the last month i claimed , then maybe ring them and tell them the date is wrong? 

    i want to pay it back and wake up with no worry i am just scared that it will go the other way and i will go to court and prison  

  2. i'm new to this and really worried sick so please no haters:( 

    have come here as everywhere else's i have looked has made me feel more worse than what i already was with the  horror stories and nasty comments.


    so long story short , 


    i have been claiming as a single parent for 2 years and 9 months when in fact i moved in with my partner and my

    name is on the agreement.   we were only together 4 months when i fell pregnant with twins . towards the end of my pregnancy my elder daughter was struggling to get along with my new partner , it caused a lot of arguments so we went back home . in the mean time added the twins to my claim .


    when the  twins were a couple of months old and then we agreed to give our relationship another go. since then we have been living together. twins were born early feb 2019.


    in nov just gone 2020 i got one of those standard letters about is my claim right and i came to the realisation that i didn't change over.  so from then o have been ill with stress and being pregnant i didn't want to change it as i didn't want any added stress to my already stressful pregnancy. 


    i had my son 2 weeks ago and straight after i logged online and put my changes through , relationship and change of address. i put my change of address as the week before as i didn't know what to do. it said my claim has ended but have not heard anything yet. 


    i will owe about 15000 all together if they realise what i have done. i know i have been stupid and it's no excuse but with covid, being constantly on lockdown , i totally forgot.  now all i can think of is going to prison and leaving my family . i don't know what i am expecting in the post  but i just can't eat, sleep , i have a new born and 2 year old twins that i can't mentally look after as my head won't allow me to think of anything else.


    any advice please . 







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