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  1. I just called council and they told me that they haven't yet received any letter from court about my appeal and this can take 2-3 month.
  2. Received letter today from "The County Court" and appeal was successful Also says my original PCN still may exist and I need to contact local authorities/charging authorities or they can take future actions. So what now? I need to call local council where this fine been issued?
  3. Can I fill those forms on my computer and then print and sign? Or all need to be done with black pen? My hand writing is not the best lol
  4. So I called them today again and they send me email with those two forms (PE3/PE2). What is this Witnessed/Local county court signature? "The PE3 & PE2 forms must both be witnessed; this can be done at any local county court."? I have no Idea what is this and how/where to get this signature.
  5. Address, name, V5C all the same for many years no changes there. This is how it was. 2 years ago I received 4 letters (Fines) £65 each for driving on "buss only" (I don't know how to explain, but it was small bridge where only buses allowed to cross). So okay my mistake I stooped driving there and I paid all those 4 fines online in time. And that's it. No more letters. Nothing for 2 years. And now last week I received 2 latter (with different Ref/Account numbers then what I paid 2 years ago) asking to pay £300 each. But problem is they never send me those 2 fines. I didn't know those fines even existed until I received those two letters.
  6. Address all the same. I tried to call them. I spend hour on hold, but no one answered. So I send email still waiting for replay.
  7. Sorry for late replay. No its not the same fines that I paid 2 years ago. Those two fines have different Ref/Account numbers. They never send me any letter about those two fine. I didn't know anything about them until I received those two letters last week.
  8. Hi, 2 years ago I got 4 letters (fines) for I think it was bus lanes. Each fine was £65 they have pic and video recording. Its all good my fault I paid all 4 fines in time £65 each and I got email receipt. Now 2 years later they have send me letters like this claiming I have unpaid fines at first I was very confused and like idiot paid without properly reading letter. 2 days later then send me again letter like this, but this time I didn't pay. PCN numbers are different on those letters to that what I paid 2 years ago, it means they have more then 4 fines, but the'vey failed to inform me by sending PCN letter. After reading on here and other forums it looks like its bad that I paid, because that I didn't received any PCN letter about those fines. Is it possible to get refund? And how to deal with second letter (Pic attached) that I haven't paid yet? I always paid all my PCN's in time. Notice Of Enforcement.pdf
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