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  1. Thanks, can you explain how I need to amend the particulars of claim, sorry if I am being a bit dim!
  2. I was going to do it the old fashioned way! Is it easier through Moneyclaim?
  3. Thanks Andy I have removed all identifiers. Apologies. Court Claim.pdf
  4. Many thanks. I have amended my letter as above and sent it by recorded delivery. I will draft a particulars of claim in the next few days. Regards and thanks again Mike
  5. Hi Here is a copy of my intended "Letter of claim". Could you peruse and advise please? Many thanks, Mike 664119204_UPSletterbeforeaction.jpg.badcddd17b69b04e7c8fff37949c3227.pdf
  6. Hi Thanks for your responses. JPG files attached. I'm pretty certain that my route from now on is via the Court. Please confirm. Regards Mike
  7. Hi Bank Fodder Following on from my letter requesting payment, dated 12th April, I have received 2 communications from UPS. One is dated 13th April basically saying that the investigation was still ongoing and to contact eBay. The second dated 14th April a Delivery Notification, confirming the parcel was lost and for me to re-open the investigation. I have not replied to either. Copies of both below. As the 14 day period I gave them has now expired, do I go straight into filing a suit at court (which court)? Can I claim interest on my loss? I assume all cost
  8. Many thanks for coming back so quickly. Just to get things straight in my own mind, the sequence of events now is: 1. Send UPS a letter asking for payment for the undelivered parcel and giving them 14 days? 2. Await their response. 3. Dependent on their response send letter of claim? 4. Await outcome and then commence County Court proceedings? Thanks Mike
  9. On 5th March I used Ebay's Packlink service to send a parcel via UPS. The value of the parcel was £238.80. The parcel was insured. It contained 6 phosphor bronze rings. (To satisfy my customer I have had to re-order the rings and have them delivered direct to him by my supplier). To date despite telephone calls and emails (copies kept), I am unable to get an answer from either company to say that they will recompense me for my loss. Looking through threads on this site it seems that trying to get Packlink to admit fault is very difficult. I therefore intend to send UPS
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