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  1. Thank you so much. And just thinking more about the UAE banks. What would you recommend in terms of communication with them, aside from clear confirmation of my Uk address? I’m really not in a position to enter into a any sort of payment plan but would like to discharge the debt at some point (though I don’t know how realistic that is). Will I prejudice myself in the future if I don’t now ask them for a hardship consideration? Offsetting of interest/charges etc? Or should I say nothing further and rely on limitations on the collection of the debt ye
  2. It’s been reassuring to read here that HSBC will continue to own the debt. Is there any pattern with what prompts banks to go down a legal route? And are there circumstances where UAE banks do actually sell the debt on to the likes of IDS? I will formally notify the bank of my current UK address. Even if I do that though isn’t there a huge incentive for banks and their agents to deliberately send legal paperwork to old addresses to obtain a CCJ by default? IF that were to happen and it was discovered through credit agencies could it be set aside if you proved you had provided the b
  3. Thank you dx. So If I ensure that my UAE banks have a current address in the UK then any future back door CCJ’s can be challenged? I continue to ignore IDS unless they send genuine legal proceedings via a solicitor? Post is tricky in UAE though - will emails to the banks suffice?
  4. Hello everyone. So glad this group exists! I’ve been pouring over the threads for the last few days. Left approx £60k of credit card and loan debt behind in Dubai owing to covid job loss. Still unemployed here in UK (despite best efforts) so attempting payment plans direct with the back isn’t an option yet. Been back for around 8 months and I’m currently staying with family as I don’t own a property here or anywhere else. Recently received a first letter from IDR for HSBC. I think I’m safe to ignore for now but just wanted to ask if you think I should co
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