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  1. Ok I get you thank you for your time it’s greatly appreciated.
  2. Hi I do think this debt had the ccj all them years ago, I’ve read they can not give you another ccj on the same debt. I’m just worried they may go to the courts take it further and put a charging order on my property. Thanks for your advice.
  3. Yes changed address 3 times been registered on the electoral roll each time moved rented now bought my home 2 years ago. I wasn’t even aware had a ccj till checked my credit file in the closed accounts and it said ccj as my mortgage advisor said if I waited 1 more year it would drop of and she could get me a better mortgage deal I just for the life of me can’t think if the ccj was for the black horse loan. I was young and stupid with money now I’ve tried hard over the years to clear all my other debt at the time I went to citizens advice they told me doing nothing is doing something with this debt. The debt was in a joint name me and my ex husband we haven’t spoken in years he doesn’t even know where I live. Thank for you time and advice.
  4. Black horse, not paid anything in over 9 years not even spoken with them in that time. Just worried if this had a ccj on it they may be able to purse the debt. Thank you.
  5. Hi any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. I have a debt that’s 9 years old unsure if had a ccj on the debt nothings showing on my credit file on the closed account. I am aware after six years it no longer shows on my account. My question is I’ve now started to receive a letter from Cabot that was in 2019 stating I owe 10k please call to set up a payment plan then nothing for a year, this time a letter from arrow global stating please contact us same type of letter then I’ve come home to a hand written letter / card stating they called the date and time to my property please contact us urgently. I’ve now received a text message stating I’ve not been in contact after visiting your property please call and quote your reference number. I own my property and have great credit I’m worried if this was a ccj debt they may be able take it further. Im really worried they will keep coming to my property or even worse find where I work and start an attach to my earnings or put a charging order on my property. I’m with a new partner and we bought our home together he has nothing to do with this debt. sorry to go on anyone else had similar happen. Thank you for your time.
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