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  1. I've looked at my completed original Claim Form and there is nothing in reference to 'Serving Additional Particulars of Claim'. Maybe this option was added after 30 Dec. 2019 when I completed my Claim Form when MCOL realised the number of characters available was too short?? But there is no box indicating an option to tick re: POC. The form certainly does not indicate what needs to be included in the POC. MCOL do not make it clear for the ordinary 'Joe Public' for completing this form especially considering what is required to be included! I'm applying to have my claim
  2. Thanks for your replies. Theft of a motorbike which I insured in Essex but which got stolen from outside my property in London which I was renting out. One of the guys from the insurance company made unfounded accusations about me living there, just because I paid the full amount of council tax. But he never thought to ask me if I let the property out to anybody else other than David (who he assumed lived there alone! And just because I paid the full amount of council tax and never claimed a single persons discount, he stated tat this indicated that I lived at the address with David.
  3. Hi guys, Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. My Claim was 'struck out' on Wed. 31 March 2021 and I was ordered to pay the Defendant costs totalling £1500 (she submitted 2 'Statements of Costs' which, together totalled c.£8,100). The Claim was 'struck out' because I never included a separate 'Particulars of Claim' (only used the POC on the original MCOL Claim Form which only allows space for a few hundred characters!). It's pathetic! In hindsight I should have used Form N1 for my claim because I knew it would end up in court. What I did not consider was having
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