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  1. They haven't been responsive which is why I'm trying to find my legal footing. I was hoping I had a good case to just push them into giving me the extra money just to be done with it. But yeah, I'll point it out. I didn't request the cash refund until Dec 16th because until then they'd said I had to wait until Sept to get a refund, and then I couldn't find any means of contact to actually make that request. But they had the money from Feb. Obviously, I'm just grasping at straws to find a stronger position for myself. The 1992 regulations have this paragraph on package holidays: 20.—(1) The other party to the contract shall ensure that all monies paid over by a consumer under or in contemplation of a contract for a relevant package are held in the United Kingdom by a person as trustee for the consumer until the contract has been fully performed or any sum of money paid by the consumer in respect of the contract has been repaid to him or has been forfeited on cancellation by the consumer. (2) The costs of administering the trust mentioned in paragraph (1) above shall be paid for by the other party to the contract. (3) Any interest which is earned on the monies held by the trustee pursuant to paragraph (1) shall be held for the other party to the contract and shall be payable to him on demand.
  2. We're talking like a fiver. But I'm unemployed and it's my money. Plus, there's the principle of the thing. I can let it go if I need to, but I want to know where I stand. I also read that they might owe interest as it's been over a year, but that's probably a very optimistic reading of the rules. I paid on debit card using my main current account.
  3. Hey, I finally got my refund from Last Minute, but it's not been paid in full. The discrepancy is relatively small, about 1% probably due to the exchange rate between euros and sterling as they sent the money through IBAN. However, I didn't ask them to pay this way, and I don't think I should be short-changed after all this time, regardless of the amount. Where do I stand legally? Do I have to just accept the costs, or are the company obliged to pay the full amount, and ensure I receive the exact amount I paid? And if I do have a reasonable expectation to get the extra money, what are my options?
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