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  1. They haven't been responsive which is why I'm trying to find my legal footing. I was hoping I had a good case to just push them into giving me the extra money just to be done with it. But yeah, I'll point it out. I didn't request the cash refund until Dec 16th because until then they'd said I had to wait until Sept to get a refund, and then I couldn't find any means of contact to actually make that request. But they had the money from Feb. Obviously, I'm just grasping at straws to find a stronger position for myself. The 1992 regulations have this paragraph on package
  2. We're talking like a fiver. But I'm unemployed and it's my money. Plus, there's the principle of the thing. I can let it go if I need to, but I want to know where I stand. I also read that they might owe interest as it's been over a year, but that's probably a very optimistic reading of the rules. I paid on debit card using my main current account.
  3. Hey, I finally got my refund from Last Minute, but it's not been paid in full. The discrepancy is relatively small, about 1% probably due to the exchange rate between euros and sterling as they sent the money through IBAN. However, I didn't ask them to pay this way, and I don't think I should be short-changed after all this time, regardless of the amount. Where do I stand legally? Do I have to just accept the costs, or are the company obliged to pay the full amount, and ensure I receive the exact amount I paid? And if I do have a reasonable expectation to get
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