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  1. Name of the Claimant ? University of....would rather not disclose name of university if that's alright. Date of issue – 18/10/18 Particulars of Claim What is the claim for – I have never received a Particulars of Claim as the university issued to my old address so never received court papers, they obtained judgement by default in 2018. I successfully got the judgement set aside and was eventually allowed to defend the claim. My claim was based on breach of contract and other areas of consumer law in which I claimed the c
  2. Hello dx100uk and thanks for responding I really appreciate that. I do like the new title for my post, if you did that thanks it sums up more accurately what's happened. I am relieved to see you say they can't force entry but I'm sure I've read that if after a certain amount of visits and I refuse to let them in they can go back to the court and get another order from the judge which would grant them the right to force entry, is that correct? Jack
  3. Hello, I recently got into a legal battle with my former university who listed an undergraduate course at their institution which I soon realised was nothing like what they had said it would be in the promotional and marketing tools they used to appeal to prospective students. I explained my reasons for leaving and told them how angry I was at them for wasting my time. They sent me letters demanding I pay all of the semester one tuition fees, but I refused and said they have no right to the money such was the poor quality of the course. Two years later they
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