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  1. Thanks for the reply, as that has given me some peace of mind, however given that this is a debt that my brother has incurred how do i find out about his credit agreement, I guess I will just have to take that as given. Secondly is there a sight where i can download a statutory declaration in light of my predicament as i am getting all sorts of guidance when searching online in light of this all of which are irrelevant Thanks
  2. I have a bit of a grave situation that my brothers debt has put me in. Let me start from the begining: I bought my mothers house that she lived in off the council after renting it for a cpl of years after she passed. The sale of house was done in feb 2015. The only way however I could buy the house was to have my brother on the mortgage with me. My brother although being named on the deeds has never contributed towards the house, be it mortgage or bills, never lived here and is not on the electoral roll. My brother has subsequently got himself into debt with
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