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  1. Initially if you read above a couple comments up, BankFodder mentioned that I should pursue with whom I had the contract with? Correct?
  2. Apologies for the delay, Attached is the Letter of Claim, if you approve I will proceed with sending it Tuesday morning. Then send a courtesy email to parcel2go that, a Letter of Claim has been sent and they have 14 days to respond. Thanks Parcel2Go Letter of Claim.pdf
  3. Hello All! I'm soooo lucky to stumble upon your Forum of excellence. Honestly love your work here guys!! (Following a format of a post I recently saw, plagiarism at its best hehe) I recently booked a label for postage, for an eBay buyer to return a highly expensive Graphics Card they weren't happy with, so I can then inspect and assess. Little did I know, I was in for a fight as this is how it all came about: 26/02/2021; Booked and sent a postage label via Parcel2Go website to buyer via eBay, using the InPost drop off ser
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