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  1. The solicitors I mentioned are acting for the companies who have the orders.They are not mine. I have a solicitor writing to the solicitor's who have two of the orders but only because that was the only way they would consider any reduced settlement proposal. Could you please explain Restriction K & how I could sell my property without having to settle the orders? Thank you Also could you please let me know what is a DCA? Thank you.
  2. I have five orders on the property, four of debts were initially from MBNA, but they have sold them on. They are being handled by three different solicitors. One of the orders is with MFS Portfolio & I will be able find out who owns the others through the solicitors. The final one is the Halifax which is being handled by a debt recovery company. The property is in joint names but the orders are solely in my name. Thank you
  3. I have 5 charging orders on my property & am about to sell it. I cannot afford to clear the total amount of the charging orders out of my equity as I will be unable to purchase another property, effectively negative equity. I have offered one third of the total to have the orders removed. I also said I would enter an agreement to pay a regular monthly amount to chip away at the balances. I have also said I would be happy for a charge to be put on my new property or or have the creditors put in my will as a priority beneficiary. I have a solicitor acting in respect of two of the orders but have been dealing directly with the other three. Two have come back stating they are not prepared to move & I have to send more information to the other one. I am desperate. Any & all suggestions welcome. Thank you.
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