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  1. A receipt. May I ask where you’re leading?
  2. I submitted a link to the claims process because it answers all the questions in one go. The process includes asking for the value and submitting proof thereof. And yes, the accompanying letter states they consider their inquiry closed.
  3. tried to claim max (claims process warns of £50 max),paid by cheque
  4. RM refunded the max under their terms as indicated in my original post.
  5. Posted a parcel by RM using their signed for service and they lost it. Item was worth over £50 so should have used the guaranteed next day service but didn’t. Although I’ve claimed the max £50, I’m still out of pocket and am wondering what my options are. The item must be somewhere, and I suspect stolen by RM staff. The parcel was clearly labelled in x2 places. Thoughts?
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