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  1. I'll keep you updated, but waiting to hear back from fos.
  2. PDF Screenshot 2021-03-25 at 14.04.46 copy.pdf
  3. This is the response I received from CISAS.
  4. Doesn't Vodafone still have to abide by their policy and make responsible decisions in line with their Terms and Conditions of service which appears to of been broken?
  5. I believe it's a service type of contract, but I'm not really sure. It identifies it as a communications supplier from my Credit Report. The FOS have asked for further details and they are able to at least look into it to see if it's something they can look into as they have permission from the communications dispute team. Believe it or not I haven't actually been charged for the devices on multiple agreements... They have said the balance won't raise but don't know why I haven't been charged.
  6. I believe it was just the case of accepting agreement online. Very vague details as it's defaulted and over a couple of years old.
  7. So just to clarify not all Consumer Credit Agreements show on your credit file? Communications Ombudsman have decided it would be best to approach the Financial Ombudsman Service today.
  8. They are reporting to my Credit File and have a Credit Check page
  9. Good Evening, Hope you are all okay. During the course of 2013/2014 to 2018 I got in a substantial amount of debt, basically I was hit with the debt spiral... Where I would take out credit and pay back BNPL that where due by taking out more credit... Long story short about 15 telecommications Debts, 10 Maxed out Credit Cards And getting fed up of hearing from Lowell Group, PRA Group, Moorcroft, Westcot Credit Services, DRS Recovery, Capquest and Arrow Global... The list kinda doesn't end..... Anyways I'm raising irresponsible lending complaints because during the time of application bare minimum payments were made across multiple creditors. In this Vodafone I had around 10 Maxed out credit cards practically of them with absolute minimum payments and always over limit. Vodafone then decided to offer me more and more contracts after the first one wasn't even paid on time.. To make matters worse one of them was even Statue Barred back in early 201x. But yet happily offered me multiple phones and tablets which of course were sold to pay off other debts. I've challenged Vodafone in relation to irresponsible lending and have received a Deadlock letter. Vodafone claim all their checks went through fine, and I agreed to the price shown. My complaint was in relation to my financial background during the time i.e if It was responsible given my circumstances i.e maxed out credit cards and practically living beyond my means if it was responsible to offer me further credit without falling behind on essential living costs. After Vodafone provided me with a deadlock letter, I apposed communications ombudsman which Vodafone has just today objected to the case as falling outside of their scope of works. I'm seeking advice what to do further. Obviously I understand I applied for the credit which I don't dispute, however drastic times call for drastic measures and whilst that was probably a bad choice I'm assuming businesses are held responsible as they are supposed to offer credit responsibly and ensure customers have the ability to pay back credit.
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