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  1. Thank you dcahater76 for your information i have requested through the SAr for the information. The matter was escalated to Milton Keynes which i believe is a major dip centre . They just started taking the money off us through our benefits without any paperwork it was only after having no success with phone calls we put it into writing then after long wait and chasing 4 months they write for our permission to investigate it, they responded to say they had signed documents from us to say about them they did say they had written with enclosed proof but no such letter arrived. After chasing a response they said that they had the proof and as such would be perusing continuation of recovering the money. They did however say that they had not dealt with our situation over the past 25 years and apologised very well and put it down to resources and other things happening. I have done a lot of info looking today and have found out that if they can't recover they put it into debt collection agencies to get it we had none of that nor any communication rom them. in addition the official receiver would have also been in contact with them. there is a lot wrong with the way our situation has been dealt with and im sure many others but one department doesn't answer for all there you go around the houses and get nowhere. we don't even know the full amount I am determine to fight this but they are bigger than me so will have a fight on my hands. they are deducting so much per week and it will take around 3 years to pay back. thanks to everyone for their comments all are most welcome
  2. Sorry I should of added my wife is severely disabled and I gave up work to be her carer such we are reliant on benefits as I said in my initial post I was declared bankrupt in 1998 I did call them and advise but cannot remember if I sent them the details of it it’s 25 years ago and there is no information that I have kept I did go online and have found what was put into the London gazette I am also informed that even if it wasn’t included as any debt accrued would be written off I am also certain that the official receiver would have been in contact with them have requested information as advised but want to get things right
  3. They just started deducting money I had it investigated and though I haven’t received a letter they say they have the documentary proof
  4. I am looking for some advice . In August of last year my wife received letter from dwp saying that they were going to deduct monies for a social fund loan . At that time we had no idea what it was about we called them and got no joy with comments such as you have got to pay it simples as that. We still had no joy we wrote and waited 3 months for a response as stated at that point we had no idea what was going on. In a phone call after escalation it was said that it related to 4 crises loans that we had in 1994-1995 some 25 years ago. during this period we had not received any communication from the DWP at all. However during this call the dip advised that i had them that i had called them and advised that i had been made Bankrupt in 1998. I have admitted that we had the loans though , however it remains about the bankruptcy. As it is so long ago i have no information only what was put into the legal notices in the gazette i am sure i sent them the documentation however it this late stage cannot prove whether i did in fact put it in my bankruptcy . could someone advise where i stand
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