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  1. hi yes replied straight away telling him that. He has replied straight back to say that Worldpay only keep card details for 2 years and again with more apologises and offering £50 goodwill gesture on top of a full refund for lack of Customer support Let's see how long it takes for them to refund me now
  2. There has been some progress today since I sent off an email to all of the Directors on a post I found the other day. Hopefully this will now get resolved. On all my calls to Customer services, no agent has ever mentioned that they did not have my card details to do the refund in fact they were able to tell me the last 4 digits but as long as this now gets resolved that is the main thing
  3. The credit card company has said that I do can a Section 75 so I have completed the form and emailed that off to them this afternoon.
  4. I have spoken to my credit card company today about doing a section 75. Problem I have is that Currys wouldn't send me any emails despite saying I would receive them so all contact has been over the phone. I didn't think about taking all my paperwork into my local store but not sure if that would help. I'm astounded they are and have bene able to get away with it. Can you advise how you would be able to help.
  5. I purchased a LG washing machine Nov 2018 with 5 years manufacturers warranty. Nov 2020 it started getting really loud on spin, then by Dec 2020 it had a loud rattling noise. LG sent an Engineer who said it was the bearing and a new drum would need to be ordered. 2 cancelled appointments later and I got an email telling me the machine was beyond economical repair due to the time it had taken to repair and gave me an uplift letter for Curry's to enable me to get a refund. Rang Curry's and gave them the uplift letter reference number and they said they woul
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