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  1. Thanks for getting back to me. The transfer was for $40,000 USD. HSBC sat on the second transfer for two weeks (didn't bother getting in touch with us or anything) and then reversed the transfer and calcualted the fee based on the currency movement + its spread on foreign currency transfers. Had it told us during the two week period, we would have made the funds available so that the transfer does not fail.
  2. Hello! We recently got charged $1,700 USD by HSBC Business as we unwittingly initiated a duplicate transfer – the first transfer did not show up in the transfer screen and HSBC claims this is normal – though it does not say anywhere that there can be delays in foreign currency transfers with the same value date. HSBC is adamant that for any foreign currency transfer that fails for any reason, the customer is liable for the movements in the currency. I wondered if anyone else has expereiced this? Or had any thoughts on routes to claiming it back? Thanks!
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