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  1. Love it, thanks. It fits within the limit of the submission and I'm ready to press the button on the 14th May. Thanks for all your help so far.
  2. Thanks so much for your help so far BankFodder. Here are my particulars of claim in preparation for submitting a claim in a weeks time or so. Appreciate any guidance you may have. Particulars of Claim Martin
  3. Have distilled to what I believe are the most salient items below. Thanks for your help. Timeline of Events: 26th February 2021 - 10:20AM - Dropped off at the ParcelShop. 26th February 2021 - 11:55AM - Collected from the ParcelShop (by Hermes driver) 27th February 2021 - 10:20AM - eBay tracking states 'Claims code issued' This is updated every day or so with the same message. 27th February - 5th March (Various times) - Called Hermes Customer Services and used chat facility multiple times. Unable to speak or connect to agent as parcel was sent via a broker (ParcelHero.
  4. Hey - thanks for the quick response. For some reason my pasted text appears as JPEG - have sorted that now. Timeline of events is below along with the Letter of Claim that I sent yesterday. I have previously sent a letter of complaint which was rebuffed as I mention above. I did enter the parcel value when I created the parcel label, I did not take the insurance as I noticed that the very expensive insurance offered by Parcel Hero does not cover computer monitors and also that Hermes do not cover laptops under their terms - I therefore packaged the parcel carefully to ensure it wo
  5. Hi there, Firstly - thanks so much to the Admins of this forum who are so supportive to others. I've learned so much from reading about other's plights and feel strong solidarity with wronged parcel senders who have visited this site! So - my story... Reading through other posts I guess I'm yet another victim of Hermes who I sub-contracted with Parcel Hero to deliver a laptop I had sold on eBay. Hermes were the only carrier offering Saturday delivery when I got my quotations - little did I know that the package would never get beyond 'We've got it' in the tracker. The
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