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  1. Will do and thank you again. This site was the first place I thought of when he contacted me and as always it's been massively helpful. I will be sure to drop a donation.
  2. No he didn't have the tech pack. Just the student account with agreed overdraft. This was the minimum amount and he never asked for it to be increased.
  3. He assures me he hasn't received any form of contact apart from this letter, despite him asking for paperless communication when the account was opened. I'm also going through their T&C's and Fee documents can't find anything with regards to agreed regular payments. https://www.barclays.co.uk/content/dam/documents/personal/important-information/FeeInformation-StudentAdditions.pdf so that seems a little concerning considering this is his first proper account. I'm not making excuses for him not making sure he's properly informed, but if the end result is this, then surely they have a respons
  4. Hi Andyorch, Thank you for your thoughts. We are sending an email and I will address the points you have raised. The principle for us is that he hasn't had any warning to act. Yes, he has been a little remiss in not ensuring he made some form of regular payment, but he didn't exceed the agreed overdraft and they haven't been at all fair in not ensuring they contacted him prior to removal. Will be interesting to see their response.
  5. Hi Andyorch, Thank you for checking that out. My son would prefer to correspond with them by email as not too confident on the phone, particularly after reading the customer services guide above. We are going to see if they will reinstate the interest free overdraft with a guarantee that it is paid into monthly until cleared. I know we may be urinating in the wind, but I would prefer to give them the option before looking at other routes. If they refuse would is there any guidance on the best, most cost effective way of dealing with this? As a family
  6. Hi, Thank you for the reply dx100, much appreciated. He hasn't been paying anything in since he was laid off last summer. We would like to resolve this amicably if we can, but are prepared to escalate if we feel they are not being fair. I'm not familiar with SAR so apologies for my ignorance. May I ask how this would help? He obviously wants to settle his debt, but also feels, as I do, that they haven't acted appropriately in withdrawing his overdraft without ensuring they have contacted him to establish why he hasn't paid for some t
  7. Thank you so much for the response and wow that was quick! I've forwarded the link to my son and we will both read it shortly. The money (for me at least) isn't the main issue as I and the rest of his family can cover that. It's the way they have gone about this. My son was quite worried that he'd done something seriously wrong, but after reviewing the facts, I don't believe that he has. I haven't found anything regarding a fixed duration of the overdraft and do not believe they have done enough to communicate with him. I have a paperless system with my own bank (COOP) and they reg
  8. Hi, Firstly thanks in advance for any help. First time back here in many years and glad to see the community still active. My son contacted me yesterday regarding Barclays. He has a student additions account and had an agreed overdraft of £500. Like many others he has struggled to find work during the pandemic. His last job was at Asda last summer which he was laid off from around August. He believes it was around this time he was last able to make a payment. To his knowledge at no time did he exceed the overdraft which currently sits at £494.44.
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