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  1. Thank you its appreciated I am a new user to the Forum so now understand why you are directing the questions. evans2.pdf
  2. I have so many messages to go through but will post as I work my way through them and edit to remove my contact details. the idea in me posting what I have posted is to give an the case. At this stage I wanted to see if this is anything someone could advise on but to answer you question I made sure that even if there was phone calls I follow up in email so everything agreed is in black and white. To better understand your line of questions can I please understand your role within the forum
  3. I will work out how to add, there is so much of it, is there any particular part you would like to review and see
  4. Morning All I wanted to please get some help on an on going issue with Evans Cycles I will try and bullet point the points as this may get too long a point, please note the chain of events is a summary and not all communication I just want you to get an overview. * March 2020 Ordered a Specialized bike at the value £650 from Evans Cycles * Bike arrived a few weeks later and the documents clearly stated the bike was preassembled and ready to ride * Second time using the bike I had an accident, the bike chain jammed in the frame throwing me into the road facin
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