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  1. Thank you its appreciated I am a new user to the Forum so now understand why you are directing the questions. evans2.pdf
  2. I have so many messages to go through but will post as I work my way through them and edit to remove my contact details. the idea in me posting what I have posted is to give an the case. At this stage I wanted to see if this is anything someone could advise on but to answer you question I made sure that even if there was phone calls I follow up in email so everything agreed is in black and white. To better understand your line of questions can I please understand your role within the forum
  3. I will work out how to add, there is so much of it, is there any particular part you would like to review and see
  4. Morning All I wanted to please get some help on an on going issue with Evans Cycles I will try and bullet point the points as this may get too long a point, please note the chain of events is a summary and not all communication I just want you to get an overview. * March 2020 Ordered a Specialized bike at the value £650 from Evans Cycles * Bike arrived a few weeks later and the documents clearly stated the bike was preassembled and ready to ride * Second time using the bike I had an accident, the bike chain jammed in the frame throwing me into the road facing oncoming traffic spoke to a local Specialized dealer who inspected the bike, the dealer was very concerned and highlighted me to several issues relating to poor assembly (gross negligence) * Raised with Evans Cycles who confirmed they may have been over site du to volumes of bikes being made and was offered an Exchange * Late April bike was collected by Evans Cycles * Due to lack of stock (Covid related) the bike was not in stock, I was offered a replacement of a different bike at a higher value as form of compensation and full resolution at the time the new value was £895 * The new bike Trak Al3 was put on order and confirmation emailed to me, expected September 2020 * October 2020 I chased customer service and was advised that the bike was not in stock still, at the same time I was checking Evans cycles stock levels by calling and checking there site and could see stock and buy the bike as a new customer which I sent them emails as proof which they denied. * Because I chased they cancelled my order and offered me my original value of £650 as full resolution * I refused and advised them that I wanted the bike as agreed in writing by them as resolution of my case * December 2020 I was called by Evans Cycles and offered a lesser bike to what was offered Trek AL2 not Trek AL3 so I refused and reminded them of the agreed compensation * Feb 2021 full range of stock arrived at Evans but all prices revised, my original bike Specialized now listed at £800, Trek AL3 now listed £995 * Chased Evans again only to be told that they would not honor the original agreement and could only offer a bike for the value of £795 * Spoke with Trading who asked me to approach Evans again giving 14 days notice and to inform them as the offer was in black and which that this would be seen as a Breech of contract * Evans response to my letter and detail above was "I you would like your £650 back we can issue a refund" they are now ignoring calls and only send the same reply to me and do not answer questions
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