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  1. Thank you for the detailed information, really helps alot! I can't seem to find the IRL Guide though - could you provide a link or point me to it please? Many thanks
  2. I did note that increasing credit limits seem more complained about but I am going to try for the reason that it shouldn't have been given in the first place. So they wouldn't remove the negative markers? I would have no problem/resentment in paying the balance minus interest and late payment charges if they did! I have not moved since I got the card. Could you tell me what will happen to these kind of accounts if Vanquis do go into administration please? Especially as it is with Lowell now? Many thanks
  3. Hi, sorry if this is in the wrong place but I have a query on making an affordability complaint. I took out a Vanquis credit card in July 2018. They gave me a credit limit of £500. I maxed out the card within the 1st month and made minimum payments for 4 months with money mostly borrowed from my partner. I couldn’t keep this up so the account defaulted in June 2019 with a balance of £619. £129 of this balance was made up of late payment charges and interest. At the time of taking out the credit card, I: • had just began self-employment after a long period of unemployment. Currently, I am unemployed and receiving Universal Credit • was not and still am not a homeowner – Universal Credit covers 100% of my rent • had and still have £800 defaulted credit card account with another lender • had and still have an outstanding CCJ for £5,500 • had and still have approx. £4,000 council tax arrears (although I don’t think I was asked about bills at the time of application) ·had but no longer have a CCJ for £600 – this dropped off November 2020 as 6 years had passed The Vanquis account is since with Lowell who have written to me a couple of times asking to set up a payment plan. I have ignored these letters as I’m not able to make any payment to them. As the £800 defaulted credit card account and £5,500 CCJ are due to drop off in May 2021, this Vanquis/Lowell default will be the only negative record on my credit file. I would love to have a clean file after years of problems and stress in every part of my life! I don’t know if I’m being cheeky or silly but I was wondering if I have a case for an affordability complaint with Vanquis? I have seen from online articles and this forum, that late payment and default markers can be removed if the complaint is successful but can this happen if the account is now with a debt collection agency? Or is this all wishful thinking?! Thank you for your time and for any help. Easy
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