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  1. Thank you. Is the address for service just my address? I have no solicitors/lawyers representing me
  2. Hi, This is what I received through the post. I got a notification saying that Hermes filed for a DQ on the 14/6. Does this mean I can no longer apply for mediation? I had to self-isolate for a few days so haven't sent the form out yet. Do i fill out the small claims track form or just the mediation one? Not entirely sure what address for service means. Thanks in advance jpg2pdf-min (1).pdf Screenshot 2021-06-15 at 06.05.11.pdf
  3. Hi, I really do regret not coming here earlier as you made some fantastic points. With regards to the first point I did email them asking for photographic evidence and this was their response: - Secondly- I'm 99% sure I declared the value of the item as £700 as when I was submitting the claim form I attached evidence of my Ebay listing where the sold value was £700. Unfortunately there is no way to access submitted claim forms therefore I am not able to double check. -During my particulars of claim I did state that the parcel was disposed of without my consent but I'm guessing this doesn't have the same power as Tort of conversion. - I will keep you updated with the mediation. P.S I couldn't find a PDF version of the particulars of claim but I will try and upload future documents in PDF. Thank you.
  4. Hi, Attached is the PDF document. By claim form do you mean particulars of claim? This is what I submitted: Thank you! Doc_20210601_194543.pdf
  5. -Sold graphics card on Ebay (£700) using Hermes tracked, no insurance on 31/12/20. -Jan 4th 2021- Invoice from Hermes stating that I underestimated parcel weight and need to pay £6.66 - Parcel arrived at Birmingham depot however later updated to "damaged beyond repair" and was disposed of due to Health and safety reasons. Parcel was well-packaged and I have photographic evidence of this. Hermes couldn't provide me with any photographic evidence of it being disposed. - Despite submitting lost/damaged claim- received £22.32 compensation 17/02/21. I later sent an email saying I reject said refund. - Applied online via small claims court- Hermes did not respond within 28 days so I filed for automatic judgement - Hermes later defended the case and disputed the claim amount on the same day after I filed for judgement My question is, since I filed for automatic judgement before Hermes submitted their defence - Does the judgement not automatically rule in my favour? Is there any chance I can win this case against Hermes. I apologise if this is such a lengthy post its my first time here and I would really appreciate any advice anyone has! Thank you.
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