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  1. It is for my wife-sometimes I reply as often she is so upset she needs my help-they say they will provide cctv footage by the 30th, Your input is so very very helpful-we feel utterly lost-we have no criminal record and our cc bill shows 15 payments to their store over the previous 3 months-some as low as 0.70p for a newspaper
  2. AMAZING AMAZING REPLY-THANK YOU. Sad to say it was M+S security cameras that did it-they did not stop her from leaving the shop. WHY!????
  3. Am 73 and they accused me of stealing a 70p mango and issued a no trespass order on my subsequent visit. They did not stop me from leaving the store on the date that I was allegedly accused nor were the police involved. Have asked for cctv footage. This should be with me by the 30th. Their h/o sides with the store and even my MP got no where with them. I am hoping the cctv footage will show I left the store with NOTHING!!!!! They know that legal bods are advising me and that I have to pay upfront costs. I could quite easily never go back t
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