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  1. Hi Bankfodder Yes it has a multimedia fault, the car drives fine no warning lights on unless they removed fuses or done resets , im not trusting him at all now. I would just like the car dealer to pay and get the car fixed by peugeot which he has been advised to do.or at least by a very good car electrician. Peugeot told me £200 diagnostic machine then up to £1500 if new unit needed, general issue up to £400 inc diagnostic charge. This is what I would like to know, as citizens advice weren't clear they just said need to now go for full refund. Do I need to put a sum down say eg £1000 for repairs. Or can I just take him to small claims court to fix the problem like he should plus some compensation for inconvenience he has caused. Thanks PJ
  2. Hi HB I was told recently that jon (truro road car sales) sells car's that he gets from a garage in hayle, he buys them as they are, im guessing that he is meant to fix them if any issues ,then he sells them on for more money. Bradleys car sales is st earth service station Which is near hayle, now is this is a coincidence. They use scorrier postcode aswell, there used to be a mot testing centre trucks etc at the scorrier garage but that went years ago, not sure if that was called bradleys.
  3. Bradley's are 2mile from me, strange how they use same postcode as truro road car sales. They are Not near each other
  4. That was his other name before truro road car sales, he sells cars on diffrent receipt names
  5. Yes that is the car garage in your link, his name is John anker, Yes the link i posted the last comment was last summer I think, issue people have by not publishing stuff on him , he has no website or Facebook page, plus he changes names,and his wife deals with his online stuff. I would like to sue them so they repair fix the car with the fault, he won't get it fixed properly or looked at properly he is worried it will cost 1500 plus, citizens advice have told me, if goes to court I need to go for a full refund and not just the fix, I no I'm definitely not going to get a refund. I would just like the car repaired Thanks
  6. Hi thank you for your response, I live 4miles away from the garage here is a Facebook link I have found since I purchased the car. I have tried looking for website but no joy,his wife advertises cars on marketplace. https://www.facebook.com/groups/132518457096596/permalink/1155758678105897/ He is called John anker, his business was Alfie's motors beforehand his wife Joanne Seymour I am now hearing from the petrol station, that he is getting other recorded delivery letters and angry customers.
  7. Thank you Bank Fodder for the reply. I paid 9000 for the car, he wouldn't drop anymore as he said it gets 3month warranty from warranty wise plus 12months mot and full service on purchase. He hasn't got a website, he and his partner advertise on Facebook marketplace or from there forecourt, but his garage is Truro road car sales,truro road scorrier, it is on a forecourt of the texaco petrol station. He has been there 2years .but he has changed business names (only know this now by research and asking around) He always has cars in stock around 30 cars ranging from £1500-£30000. I have now found a group on Facebook Called scorrier garage rogue trader, last comments over the last year are all him. Sounds like quite a few people are having issues with him now. I bought the car on 13th of August, I went back 2weeks later with the issue starting, plus he still had my service book which he never stamped after a service, car came with fsh, it took me 6weeks to get the book back stamped. Car has been looked at twice on both occasions he was told it needs main dealer, these are buy trustworthy mechanics, I been to his site 9 times between August and lockdown in November plus lots of phonecalls He started lying to me saying peugeot can't look at it at the moment due to backlog, then lockdown happened again, and he said he isn't working as trading standards would shut him Down problem i have is I wasn't in the mood for a fight/argument at the time due to a serious health scare I was battling and having ongoing tests At the time. But I kept ringing him thou but he never answered or rang back. Last phonecal December he told me, he would kill himself if peugeot did it with there prices. So I have been dealing with citizens advice since December, now he has received final letter referring to court, which he has ignored again. Citizens advice have now said go to court but it isn't for a fix of the problem it is now full refund of the car minus mileage I've used. As they said he has ignored all letters about a repair I'm just asking could I win to get full money back, or go for repair if I can. Thank you for all the help
  8. I bought a car awhile back, paid some cash and some bank transfer, got a receipt from the car trader in cornwall (truro road car sales) The car was advertised with 3months warranty wise gold cover on the advert. 2 weeks having the car, it lost all sound from radio sat nav parking sensors (Peugeot 308sw on a 14plate) i took it back, the car was looked at by the mechanic and he advised the trader it needs to go to Peugeot to be fixed might need whole new unit or updates The trader refuses, he tried to get a mate to fix it on the cheap still not working. I contacted Peugeot they want it on their diagnostic machine £200 to start off. I contacted citizens advice, I've been in contact with them for the last few months. After their advice each time I sent 3 letters plus a warning letter about going to court letter, he has ignored every letter. Each letter recorded delivery I would just like to know my chances of winning before I pay the courts And continue with it. Thanks
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