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  1. i really stop everything, but the hacker never let go...... basic on the bank statement i didnt see those facebook charge but on facebook i can see it,
  2. i already disconnect all the device, and yesterday on my son's facebook got some payments have and using 2 OLD CARD NUMBERs
  3. I just found important news, last night i am checking my son email, and found google send us a location notification said some using the email, and the location is in St. Helens, AND USING SAME IP address like me, just now call up to talktalk to ask about IP address can be same with others, they say everybody are using different IP address, so what is ur guys comments?
  4. The Godmother, I already remove all the money from HSBC to new banker now, honeybee13, i send to Fraud team manager at London
  5. i am writing 2nd appeal letter to them right now, but should i wait another 8 weeks then report to FOS?
  6. DX100uk, first at all they not allow me to talk with their supervisor/manager. they told me CPA is mean direct debt, even i goto to the branch they also telling same thing. The god mother, i already removed all banking detail in google pay since in 2nd card, but 3rd, 4th, 5th card still can hack
  7. called the bank this morning, they said CPA = direct debit, so at the movement i dont have any DD set up anymore, but yet, Google Play, YouTube , Amazon , 02 and eBay etc still will continue paying..... And they say they didnt receive my appealing letter on last month, and their investigate already stop last month, but yet my problem never stop still going payment going out on last month statement, Now fraud team said any i report as fraud they will get the refund bank from Google Play, YouTube , Amazon , 02 and eBay etc BUT wont refund back to me anymore.
  8. i got a question to ask about debit card, I renew another card, is that mean no one else can use me detail purchase anything in online, or the hacker still can able trace the new card detail or without new card detail he/she still can use old detail do any purchase?
  9. the banker said the system no allow them to do it. so i cant do anything but i remove all direct debit on google pay
  10. u mean from bank? if yes, i only send appealing letter to them
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