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  1. Thank you for your reply, I do not have a scanner so I have had to photograph the information and then convert them to a PDF file as you requested. I have photographed each page as it was sent to me but cropped out any personal information as instructed by yourselves. I am aware your services are free of charge and I have been very grateful for your help and intended to make a donation to your site once my claim was settled however, I have found your latest response to be rude and insulting. To suggest I simply buy a scanner for the purpose of sending y
  2. UPDATE - I filed a small claims via the moneyclaims services and I have finally had a response saying My Hermes are defending the claim as I chose not to take out insurance so therefore the claim is not valid. I have been sent a mediation form to complete if I wish for it to go to mediation. If I choose to go down this route I need to complete the form and return it by 7th May. I have paid £25 small claims fee to start the original process, if I go down the mediation route can I still claim for the remainder of my loss AND the £25 fee I paid to start the claim?
  3. Thank you I will do that now. I will update you when I get a response. Thank you again for all your help
  4. Thank You BankFodder This was the response I sent to My Hermes on 2nd March
  5. Thank you, I have read all the posts on here which is what prompted me to post. I know it is a very small amount compared to what others are claiming but for me it is the principle of the issue. I don't get a quote from a decorator for £300 to decorate my living room but to ensure he turns up I need to pay him £350. It is the negligence and incompetence that has annoyed me and I am grateful I can take it further, I say, between us, it isn't the money more the principle that they were trusted to do a job and failed. I did email them to say if the monies were not reimbursed
  6. The money was paid into my bank however I emailed them to say I was not happy with this and wished to claim for the remaining £40 that was owed. They emailed back to say due to no extra insurance being paid to send the item they are only entitled to pay out £20 plus postage which is what they have done.
  7. Hi I have an issue with Hermes, I returned printer ink worth £60 via Hermes. I declared it was worth £60 when sending however I forgot to click the insurance box. Following numerous emails and a threat to take them to court I have finally been refunded £20 from my Hermes as this is all they say they will refund as I didn't take out additional insurance. I declared the item was printer ink worth £60 and sent proof of cost at time of booking and My Hermes agreed to take my parcel even without additional insurance. I have used My Hermes hundreds of times and al
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