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  1. The client is PRAC financial limited. Do I have any more leeway than just the 35% discount?
  2. Yeah I've been in a few different addresses since then. I didn't inform them of anything, though BW do have my current address in the email. I probobly set up the eon account with that email address though. And yeah I was still in Scotland while I had the account.
  3. So I've checked on clearscore and the debt isent on there.
  4. It was 2017/2018 and a bit of 2019. The only meter reading I did was maybe one via online. I'm not sure about bills apart from just emails on an email address i didn't actually use anymore. The wording in the email is this
  5. Hey there, I have contact from BW Legal for debt of around £2700. This was from when I was staying in a property with 2 other people as a student. We irresponsibility didn't pay bills fully (I now fully understand how stupid it was btw). Issue is it was all in my name apparently. They are offering 35% discount. Do I have anything to stand on here or any advice someone has? I'm in Scotland also. Thanks
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