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  1. DX thank you, he said if I didn’t pay the FINE, then they will send bailiffs, obviously trying to scare me x
  2. Thank you honeybee I will wait for the letters, still can’t understand where they get £218 in loses x
  3. Thank you everyone, I really do appreciate your time to answer my post xx
  4. Thank you, it’s eating awa at me but I will try and forget it x
  5. Thank you for your reply, I’m ringing my GP on Monday. No items were damaged and no loss to B and Q. I’m just so ashamed of the accident I had I felt so degraded when I asked for help. I feel so much better for sharing this and I’m so happy to make a donation. You have made me feel a lot better and I thank you for that x
  6. Hi, first of all like everyone that gets caught, I’m very very ashamed of myself but glad I got caught. Let me just explain as quickly as I can, not wanting sympathy or anything like that. 2019 I got diagnosed with breast cancer (that’s when it started) I for some reason started stealing things of little value to give to the charity Brest cancer research. This has continued until I released I needed help. I’m showing all the symptoms of Kleptomania but too ashamed to get help. I also suffer with Crohn's disease. I went to B and Q to get a few items, then I had the urg
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