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  1. Hey sorry for the late response had some issues at work. I received a offer today for £100 but value is £160 . I did only pay for £100 insurance should I take it? I added pdf screenshot of the page Screenshot_20210317-163133_Chrome-converted.pdf
  2. The response i got today . Im just wondering what I should now . They are saying I need to contact the other company but there handling my investigation very confused. I done some research and it appears parcel2go is owned by dpd?
  3. Hi thanks for the reply . I've seen the hermes stories that's why I went with DPD but something still managed to happen. Just to confirm the envelope my customer received had my postage label on it but I have no idea where my parcel is at. Have you heard of parcels being mislabelled before? I've looked around but can't find anything related Thanks again il post a reply when I get a update on the investigation
  4. Hi seen some great support from this forum so il give it a go. I sent a parcel with dpd local drop shop and customer received something completely different.Only received generic replys from emails or chat .More info in order bellow Wednesday 3rd March- I sent a 15kg parcel using DPD Local drop shop. The contents was hydroponics nutrients at a value of £160 was packed very well Friday 5th March- The customer received a complete different package (Padded envelope 500g max) . DPD sent a photo as proof of delivery but its not what I sent . I contacted live cha
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