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  1. Hi. The letter is absolutely spot on. Really appreciate for it and will update you on outcome.
  2. Thanks. First time experience something like this.
  3. Already got written assessment of the work and cost from mazcare in Wolverhampton,which clearly stating failed head gasket and labour cost.Did asked about comment and the work carried out by James Price's garage.Have been told that they don't want to get involve in work carried by first garage.
  4. James Price's Garage Rac Approved Garage WS1 2EN. I haven't got in touch with the first garage yet.I want to put in everything in writing to them so there won't be any excuse.They already mentioned that if I looking for future diagnostic the going to be another £120 charge for it.This has been said to me on the day when collected a car after heater matrix replacement. I haven't replaced a head gasket yet. It's huge cost which I can't afford at the moment.I spend nearly £700 for heater matrix matrix,then week after another £100 down mazcare in Wolverhampton for diagno
  5. Hi.Just wondering if anyone can help me out with complaint letter to a car garage. I dropped my car to a garage for diagnostic due to lack of cabin heating.Fans was blowing a cold air. Only way to get any heating was to keeping a car above two thousand rev for couples of minutes,soon a rev drop started blowing cold again. Did explain everything to a garage all symptoms and asked them for diagnostic. It took them less then 5min to diagnose a fault without any tools at all a part from a torch when looked under a bonet. They told me it's a heater matrix blocked. The part was on
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