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  1. But debt collectors can get a right of entry warrant? So they must pass the warrant on to bailiffs to carry it out I take it? Also, I can’t get my head round the legislation on this – it sounds like they can enter your home when you’re not even in, is that right?! That’s horrifying! With regards to the faulty electric meter, do I tell them about this now or wait until they deal with the debt matter? I’m a bit wary of smart meters but not against them of course, whatever makes life easier really! So would probably swap the old one for a smart one.
  2. It does say “could” apply for an warrant of entry.. but when I first read it, I just freaked out and thought they’ll definitely do it because the debt is for a large amount. Plus there’s some scary stories online! Although I feel better from the info and moral support you’ve provided, I haven’t got the brainpower to see how much of the debt amount is outside 12 months but I will check now I have some clarity. When would the 12 months start from or go back to though? I could pay what I do owe for this period which would also hopefully put the debt collection of
  3. Thank you for a quick reply. Sorry made a tiny mistake with the date. Definitely no bills 8th August 2013 to 3rd August 2020. 4th August 2020, they issue a bill for the above period which I have only seen recently due to the letters prompting me to look at my online account. So they have one month to reply to SAR. During this time, what about the debt collection agency and the whole warrant thing? Can I write to someone at Ovo to stop this with immediate effect because I doubt my SAR will prompt them to do this automatically? Thank you
  4. Hello, I am nervous as this is my first post but I am also very stressed as the situation is out of control and I am despairing. Ovo are my gas and electricity supplier since 2010. I had a DD set up with them at £198 a month. In March 2016, I cancelled the DD without telling them which I know I shouldn’t have done but I did this because it was becoming difficult to keep paying and my Ovo account was in credit of around £1500. Sounds and is weird and bad but I didn’t give it a second thought. I didn’t hear anything from them, no b
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