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  1. Our bill was paid on Sunday last and we can now make and receive telephone calls again. I have left the complaint bit to my wife now our bank statements have arrived. In the mean time I am trying to get Primus sales to contact me so I can transfer to them - they may have high charges to mobiles, but at least the line rental is cheaper than BT & the cost of adding Caller Display is good value @ 56p a mth.
  2. Nat west did that to my wife - she opened an account with a monthly charge, but Natwest forgot to transfer the account over!
  3. It was sent just to me Your sole account is out of order and WILL effect your joint account But it is not to late to restore it to good standing Dear.... Account Number; Sort Code Balance Following our recent letter we are now giving you 30 days notice to close your joint account Please call us now to keep your joint account open. If you are unable to clear the excess on your sole accounts within 28 days we may allow you to keep your joint acount open. Any remaining funds £10 or over in the joint account will be removed and a cheque will be issued to all parties on the account (if the credit balance is below £10 we will credit your sole account directly) Please arrange for alternaive banking arrangemenet if you are unable to clear the excess borrowing on your sole account within 28 days. Now I am totally puzzled. My sole account is in credit and as there is no overdraft facility on a STEP account, how can I be owing anything to it as of 16 April the account was in credit and should be by a few £'s now. I have never had a sole account number that they are quoting, but I have a joint account in that name with my wife, but I never use it (long story), so really should be closed, plus it is a STEP account with zero overdraft facility. Anyone any idea what could be going on?????? oh & this is the first letter I have received from the bank on this puzzling matter.
  4. blfamily

    Opened Stock

    The computer desk I am using is PC World. I drove to Coventry to get it on reserve & collect & guess what It was OUT OF STOCK. SO I drove to Leicester to get the desk - A member of staff even helped me load it in the car and she was the till operator! Coventry put it down to computer error.... (theft or what ever). Are you saying Non-pristine items (like the GPU) should have been labelled as such as earlier you say customers open boxes without asking? or Just items returned "not required". The identical replacement GPU which was bought online (& Cheaper) from a renowned company came with protection to it's terminals, as did my last GPU. I won't be bothering with PC World again & will stick to this new supplier I found, who delivered the goods to me for free less than 12 hrs after I had ordered them!
  5. blfamily

    Opened Stock

    So if a customer asks you is this PSU ok because it is opened? would you say yes or no. The server at the store I went to send yes that will be fine, no one has played with it - it wasn't. There was one item labelled a customer return - it was open, no attempt had been made to resecure the security label. You just don't put returns back on the shelf unless they are unopened. You have no idea that the customer has not damaged the product in some way! One of the SATA power connectors on the PSU came apart due to a manufacturing error. The gpu was in its anti static bag, but this was unsealed, it had no covers on the terminals, so had clearly been out of its bag at some point. PC World website did not list the gpu in stock at the branch I shopped at. I phone your helpful customer service desk and he confirmed the store should not have these items in stock. SO, if they were not in stock why were they on the shelf in the first place???
  6. Our line rental is BT our calls package is Primus & our broadband is o2. I am sure it is a line fault as we get a dialing tone but when we ring a number, we get the message "sorry the number you are caling is not available". where as up until my wife paid the bill and for part of last week it normally says "this call has been transferred to BT..." So they have either cut us off early or we still have a line fault. Hopefully his won't affect Primus taking over the line rental.
  7. 2 weeks ago my wife paid the phone bill (very late). Last Thursday we noticed we had no calls, come Monday we thought something was up as we could not make or receive calls. So we thought we had a fault - Broadband speeds had dropped considerably. Tuesday morning I ring a number, the phone replies the number you are calling is not available. I ring from work - the number you are calling soes not accept incoming calls? What? My wife phoned BT they say she hasn't paid. (wrong) and you are disconnected. Today she gets a letter telling her to pay by 19th April or BT will disconnect us. Aaargh!!! Wot are BT playing at? We have LLU Broadband which does not appear to have ben affected by BT, do we still have a fault on the line?
  8. blfamily

    Opened Stock

    Please Please please do not but opened stock from PC World. I recently bought a 400w PSU, it had a faulty sata cable connector, that fried the hard drive on my PC. I also bought a new graphics card, this I thought was unopened but it had been opened and looked at. Again it didn't work properly. Both returned for refund.
  9. Tut Tut Tut. Ok 3 or so months ago we sent of the standard letter asking Beneficial not to call us, as it was harressment. We had no response from this letter - now they phoned using a witheld number.... Advice would be grateful. Surely by ignoring our letter requesting no phone calls and then witholding a telephone number is illegal?
  10. I have now found last months bank statement and I see £15 deduction made payable to the company she does Partyplan for (statement was "hidden away" for almost 3 weeks FGS.). Slightly less than what I lost last weekend. Now if she hides statement, could she have hid the letter from the fraud team. assuming they have sent me one? Although she is "self employed" could I go to her employer and tell them what she has done? or just speak to the local area manager? In the meantime, if I don't here from the bank by Monday, I will pop in and have a word, even sign the disclaimer letter if they can print me one off. Looking back over the years, when the mortgage payment was not made; when £500 disappeared out of our then joint account; that she has used my card to pay for her business time after time after time:- she has a serious problem, that has affected me, the kids and eveyone around me. I will write my own disclaimer letter & stick it in the banks letter box tomorrow, or Monday AM.
  11. They didn't ask me to report this to the police.
  12. Why??? She has done this before and said I said yes, so why she would not do the same again? I have told her that if it ever happens again then it will be reported as fraud - Nat West are one a head of me on this one, I didn't know it was my wife till after I called them back. It is chance that I found the last 4 of my card on 2 different payments screens of the business she runs. Nat West are sorting this out for me. And if it is her then she will have to explain to her customers that the orders are not coming because she cannot control her debts and that she stole the money for their orders and then stole from her husband hoping he wouldn't know. No doubt she will save face and say she asked me and that I said yes; that I am evil, a bully, suffer from a mental illness and don't know what I am doing most the time, or that she should leave me. Making me the guilty person, when it is her greed and financial mismanagement that has caused this in the first place.
  13. Hi Buzby. No it isn't a joint account - she has done this before £500 was taken out. And since I have had seperate account, she has forgot to tell me twice! Last time it happened they could not do any thing but re issued me with a new card, I found out myself that time. Obviously I have a fraud marker set on my account and this was spotted this time. As I was out the house when the first occurence happened that is in my favour and that I got back in touch with Nat West once I found out the phone number, rather than ignoring the number. The only rational explaination is that she had to order something twice? before the end of the month to get some special offer. But she had the opportunity to bank her takings on Saturday. so why not use her account? Doesn't help me as I am £340 short with MOT & Service due plus every other bill I pay (she has a good life really & then she can't pay the TV licence nor the phone BT phone bill on time!). Over the past 3-4 years I have been diagnosed with depression - she uses this against me. i.e. when she finds out about the fraud, she will tell me I said yes and I forgot - happens to regular, but since I had therapy I can spot her devious activity! Fingers crossed.
  14. I had a phone call from the Nat West Fraud Team today. Although I was suspicious, I did the usual checks and it was the Fraud Team. So I rang them. When I got through to a human, I found out that my card had been used twice in the last 24hrs. 1 when I was shocked to findout that my card had been used whilst I was knocking down a shed at my late uncles and secondally when my daughter was reading to me for her homework! Now my card is blocked to stop any furture use and they will investigate further and try and get the money back. They said the payments were both to the same company. So I thought I would check my wifes business as she is a consultant for a major beauty firm and guess what. Both payments were made on my card without my knowledge. So it looks like she is going to be in the Sh1t shortly. Questions here are She will say I gave permission, will they believe her (considering I was out of the house for the first transaction)? Will the police get involved? How long before my account gets credited with the refunded money? My wife has done this before and owes just over £1000 that has never come back. Does this give grounds for seperation/divorce? Thanks in appreciation
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