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  1. Thanks again - no it's been a Guilty plea throughout because I just assumed that the dash cam footage would indicate that anyway (although I now take your point about subjectivity) - it's been adjourned a number of times because I had to move house and have ended up in South Wales rather than England. The process of transferring to a court where I live took several attempts and then I had to request adjournment thru coming down with Covid. It seem from your excellent guidance that a tot-up ban is all but unavoidable, because I'll be awarded another 3 points to take me to 12. My strong feel now is to submit a statement expressing contrition and then see how things fall from there - looking at the guidance you provided, it also seems unlikely that I could claim exceptional hardship, other than the inability to effectively visit my 91-year old mother who is in a care home in England and ailing very quickly.
  2. Thank you for all the detail - extremely helpful. I struggle with extreme anxiety and the prospect of appearing in court for this is almost crippling. If I submitted a statement to the court by email, expressing contrition and setting my otherwise good character (I am a veteran of 25 years' exemplary service, for example) would this weaken my position - or even send a message to the court that I was being disrespectful? Thanks again.
  3. Hi Everyone, On 9 June 2021, I overtook a cyclist who had a camera fitted to his helmet. It seems I didn't give sufficient clearance when I overtook him and he subsequently submitted the footage to the Police who then took the decision that I had been driving without due care and attention. The case has been adjourned on a number of occasions, the last being on 4 April this year because the prosecutor couldn't find any record of the incident in the system. The case is due to go ahead again next Monday, when presumably the detail will have been located. My concern is that I have 9 points on my license, all relating to speeding (3 going off the license in June this year, 6 put on in a block in 2020), and I am concerned - obviously - that I will be disqualified from driving. I cannot afford legal support. Up until now, I had assumed that because the Police had decided that I was driving without due care and attention, that I was automatically guilty. However, this was not something I did recklessly, I was within the speed limit and this was a misjudgment rather than malice. On that basis, although I am prepared to admit to an error I don't believe I am actually guilty of driving without due care and attention - in fact I was taking great care at the time to keep clear of the cyclist regardless of what the dash cam shows. Am I being stupid to think this way now? Should I simply admit guilt and take the punishment? I really can't afford to lose my license but is this automatically inevitable given the points on my license? Any advice greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  4. Thank you very much indeed for responding to me. I was no longer resident at the address when the enforcement agent visited and left a notice but I imagine that wouldn't count in terms of a Out of Time Declaration. That said, presumably it is worth a try. Beyond that, I will speak to Lambeth and ask them to consider withdrawing the notice or allowing me a payment arrangement.
  5. Yes - I originally had two notices from Lambeth Parking. One was for leaving my car in a residents zone at the wrong time, and the other notice was for going into a bus lane. I didn't even remember straying into a bus lane! It was about 0630hrs in the morning and I was heading for a job interview so was focusing on trying to find the venue, not whether I had driven into a bus lane!!!
  6. Hi Everyone, CDER have been chasing me to try and get £513 from me for a parking ticket I incurred in Lambeth in March last year. I managed to get 2 tickets in one day (don't ask) and paid one off, not having realised that I had actually incurred 2 tickets not one . I had to move address recently. The old address was visited by an 'enforcement agent' but after I had moved. I am staying with friends for now so won't have a new permanent address for a while. I'm aware that the old warrant would now not be valid because I am no longer resident at the old address. I've had no physical contact from CDER at the address where I'm staying, but have had a text from them today saying that their ANPR vehicles are 'in my area and my car could be seized'. This doesn't sound like something to ignore but by the same token I don't have £513 to give them at this moment. I need my car for work and couldn't afford to lose it. I'm trying to find ways to get the money but it will take a bit longer and I am concerned that there are now ANPR cameras looking for me! Any advice on the situation would be gratefully received. I realise I owe the money but don't have it to hand. Is there any point in speaking to CDER? Many thanks.
  7. Emailed them several times looking for a copy of the contract, making an offer of payment, asked for a payment break as per their own published policy. No response yet, funnily enough. Next step is to bang in the time order as advised in this forum.
  8. Yes- they have sent a default notice. It's a comprehensive document and it dies set out all their potential options, including the possibility of refunding me all of my money, which I do not believe!
  9. I've never heard of a time order - presume it's a way of forcing MB to allow more time? Can such a thing be done online?? Thank you once again.
  10. Brilliant, thank you very much indeed. I'll take a look at their profile.
  11. Hi All, Grateful for any views or advice. I have had a HP car loan with Moneybarn over a 5-year period. At the start of Lockdown 1 I lost my work (self-employed trainer) pretty much overnight and have struggled to keep head above water subsequently. I am just about surviving but have been unable to make the last few payments on the loan. In total I have paid £22,000, and owe just £2500 to clear the arrangement. Moneybarn are now threatening to terminate the agreement and repossess the car. My question is can they do this? Having paid the vast proportion of the loan off, I was under the impression that in effect I own the car and that although they might take me to court for the remainder, they can't actually repossess because the balance of the asset (the car) is mine. However, I may be completely wrong that! Any help gratefully appreciated.
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