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  1. Emailed them several times looking for a copy of the contract, making an offer of payment, asked for a payment break as per their own published policy. No response yet, funnily enough. Next step is to bang in the time order as advised in this forum.
  2. Yes- they have sent a default notice. It's a comprehensive document and it dies set out all their potential options, including the possibility of refunding me all of my money, which I do not believe!
  3. I've never heard of a time order - presume it's a way of forcing MB to allow more time? Can such a thing be done online?? Thank you once again.
  4. Brilliant, thank you very much indeed. I'll take a look at their profile.
  5. Hi All, Grateful for any views or advice. I have had a HP car loan with Moneybarn over a 5-year period. At the start of Lockdown 1 I lost my work (self-employed trainer) pretty much overnight and have struggled to keep head above water subsequently. I am just about surviving but have been unable to make the last few payments on the loan. In total I have paid £22,000, and owe just £2500 to clear the arrangement. Moneybarn are now threatening to terminate the agreement and repossess the car. My question is can they do this? Having paid t
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