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  1. Thanks everyone I got in touch with security guard today he said forget about it. Sorry when I was writing crying and shaking made lot of mistake and I read my post now and it's nightmare to read. Thanks agian for your all response
  2. Hi I'm to ashamed what I did. I going through very difficult time with my marriage situation for about two years. I had miscarriage recently and on anti desperation medication. I find out recently that my husband cheating on me and that put me under so much stress and start thinking im ugly and that's why my husband going after girls so end up looking how to look beautiful with all this beauty products on market use to look them and put them away and ending up with shoplifting. I been so stupid not thought at the time what I was doing caught at the exit of boots the security guards took me to a room and started yelling at me don't touch your bags and told me to sit in the corner I been crying and with history of panic attacks was in so bad situation. I keep on asking them please don't tell the police but the security guard keep on tell me you came last week here and you done.(which was totally lie I been to boots after an year and never shoplifted before ). He said he informed the police and they coming at 3.00 so I had to wait for an hour because they busy I begged them that let me and I will pay whoever but they didn't care what I was saying. At 3.00 no came so I asked you said 3.00 they then he reply I 3.or maybe 3.30 or maybe we don't know so been held there for nearly 4 hours crying but no one care. At the end asked me you will pay for this and I said I will that's what I'm saying then I paid but they refused to give me receipt and told me you won't get it in panic I just left the store. The security guard did not say about ban or anything so got home and couldn't stop thinking what will happen my husband was home so couldn't call them as well but somehow I managed to get out house and went to store because the guilt was so bad the I couldn't go to sleep for two nights. In the store I saw the same lady who helping the security guard the day when she saw me told me to follow her and asked why you here so I started crying and told her I'm so scared the police will come to my and my marriage will end and want to apologize what I did she said it's up to security guard not me I don't know the procedures so told me to leave. I received letter on 2 days after that I'm banned from store and if I ignore this later than they will take court action. I got so scared and called the store to get Information from security guard but they gave the phone to manager and did speak to me very disrespectfully we don't know what will happen to you we do report everything to police so it's up to police what will they do to you and put the phone down. IM just scared to death now what will happen now please help me
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