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  1. Thank you so much very helpful indeed. I just paid the first one today maybe there is hope who knows will report back
  2. Hi it says 51j- Failing to comply with a no entry restriction...as I said I stupidly followed my SAT Nav and drove through the same road 4 days apart coming I can’t quite recall ( im not from the area) I think I was approaching it from High Road. Thank you
  3. Happy to share photos if it will help clarify the exact location
  4. Yes it says on the PCN notice it’s at the Temple Mill Lane/Leyton Road
  5. Hi can someone please help me or advise the best way forward for me I have just been stung for 2 PCN by Newham council for going though the same road 4days apart clearly not from the area - I was stupidly following my SAT NAV and now not such a happy bunny. Thanking you
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