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  1. Hi, I was director of a company that went into liquidation in June 2020. Since then I had received some personal correspondence from Shoosmith regarding debt owed to Screwfix however I was told to ignore it by the liquidators. I have recently received a county court claim from them for monies owed under a personal guarantee signed in 2014. I had absolutely no idea I was signing a personal guarantee at the time and believe the account application form was misleading. I attach the application form where clause G states about guarantee personal performance. I have requested they provide a copy of the T & Cs noted on the application but they have not been able to provide these. Instead they sent me a 2020 version of the application which had the T & Cs included on the same document. I have contacted them by email without prejudice stating several reasons for my defence (undue influence, negligent misrepresentation etc) and offered a minimal out of court settlement. But they replied that my defence is ‘hopeless’. Any advice on how to defend this would be very much appreciated. IMG_6717.jpg.pdf IMG_6716.jpg.pdf
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