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  1. It was £229 DIGIHOME 32INCH HD READY SMART TV Dx100 so ill have to wait for them to get back to me and then take it to a repair shop to diagnose the fault? Do you think there's any chance they might just replace it? It was only £229 which is not a lot to them but not an amount i can afford to just replace unfortunately.
  2. I purchased a TV in December 2019 from Studio and used my credit account. 14mths later and it has developed a fault and wont switch on properly. Its now useless as will cost more to repair it. I presume studio wont replace after 12mths and i cant get hold of Digihome (manufacturer) but im not holding out much hope there either. Will i be able to claim under section 75 as i bought it on credit? Consumer credit act states that goods such as TVs are expected to last around 6yrs...not 14months
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