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  1. I've just submitted my claim online, do I inform the Halifax? To be honest I don't completely understand the 'interest' side to all of this but I included it in my claim, do I at any point forward this all to MCOL? I guess I'm wondering what the process is from now on. Thx:confused:
  2. Cheers, that's made me feel better - watch this space!
  3. Thanks for that. I'm obviously double checking everything as I go, I know the charges are OK but I'm not 100% confident I understand all the interest, what happens if I submit my claim and then find some of my figures are wrong?
  4. Thanks, I just found that while I was waiting for someone to respond. Now I'm more confused. If I use that spreadsheet the days since my first charge (30 Jun 2000) are 2300, however the template seems to be going from today's date (so the day's since my first charge are 2330). Do I leave it like that or amend it to 2300 days - if so how do I get all the dates to change simultaneously. (I'll be here until next Xmas if I have to work them all out!) I don't want to get this wrong and risk not getting paid, however I am blagging this rather a lot!
  5. I'm currently processing my MCOL and I'm not sure about interest. My total charges for the claim are £4049, do I just calculate 8% of this total figure? Which figure do I use for the daily interest rate - just the total charges or the charges and interest combined? Thx:)
  6. Thanks for that. Really stupid question but what does LBA stand for?
  7. I'm currently completing my online MCOL but have a couple of questions: Firstly I've just read in the template library that I shouldn't complete the MCOL if I haven't presented the bank with my schedule of charges and overdraft interest. I gave them a SOC but was advised in another thread not to put the interest on at that point. Do I need to back track and advise the bank or do I just carry on and add the interest now on the MCOL? Secondly, the bank have replied to me saying they are not paying me any more than their offer. Do I have to wait until 14 days after my letter to submit my MCOL or now they've refused can I do it straight away? Thx
  8. If they are going to close my account at what point will they do it?
  9. The Halifax offered me £1,183 as a goodwill gesture which I declined, today I have received a letter telling me that I'm not getting any more back so I guess it's time to get serious. Not really sure what happens next though, do I just fill in the claim form online and make a cup of tea or am I heading for a stressful battle? Is it likely to be drawn out or resolved quickly? Any tips greatly appreciated.
  10. Thanks for that, I'll post it tomorrow. Now I'm nervous
  11. I've just received an offer from Halifax for approx £1,200 when I'm claiming over £4,000. I used the letter template from the library and am not sure about the following paragraph "If you do not respond, or you do not respond positively, within this time period, I shall send you a letter before action giving you a further 14 days in which to reflect." Does it mean because they've made an offer they've responded positively? Do I need to write to them to say I'm going to make an online claim or do I just do it? Thanks for any answers:-) Sarah
  12. I'm sending my schedule of charges to the Halifax today, the only contact I've had with them so far is to ask for my statements. All of a sudden over the last few days they have decided as a good will gesture to refund £187 in charges. Why on earth would they suddently do this - are they psychic? Sarah PS How do I get into the Halifax Forum, I can't seem to get past the welcome page.
  13. Thanks, I'm posting it today so I'll be back with updates (and lots of questions)
  14. I'm just about to send my schedule of charges to the Halifax and someone's question about interest in another thread has confused me. I'm using the vampiress spreadsheet which calculates interest on the charges - is this the right form to use? I read a reply that you don't ask for interest at this stage. It's my first contact with the bank using the templates from this site. I don't want to send the wrong thing because I imagine it's a long process. Thx
  15. I'm just about to send the Halifax a letter asking for approx £3,500 back in charges. I have my old statements so should I use the Vampiress spreadsheet which takes into account contractual interest - if so can someone explain in plain english exacatly what it means because I don't understand it (maybe I'm better off just asking for the charges and leaving this alone). Also, on some of my statements it only states 'account charge' so I don't know exactly what the charge was for. The bank say they can't go back to 2001 to find out why it was put on my account, is it enough to put on my schedule of charges 'undefined charge' and list the amount? It's all a bit confusing! Sarah
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