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  1. Hi I had a credit card in my name while I was married to my ex. When we split up in 2002 he refused to pay any of it, so I stopped paying it. I had a few letters of hoist holdings but never acknowledged them. Since 2002 I have moved 4 times and remarried so my sir name is also different. Last year I received a cheque from hsbc for £25 I never banked it thinking if I did debt agency would be back in touch. Then in November I received one for £50 I never cashed that either . I received a letter from hsbc asking if I was having problems cashing the cheque. I didn't answer them. Now today I received a cheque for over £500 for charges applied to accounts in collections and recoveries. And I really don't understand why they would pay me for not paying a debt. Really confused if I shod cash it or will I be opening up an avenue for debt collectors again. Many thanks mell.
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