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  1. The court is Preston, they took a lengthy statement over the phone
  2. It seems that the court office took the details of the SD as both court offices and solicitors are closed due to Covid, still unsure if this means she has completed a SD remotely
  3. Ok Thanks we will do that as you say if the court is open Thanks
  4. Really just what can she do? Due to covid she may have to wait 2/3 and be unable to drive plus why are the fines so High? We dont even know if she was driving as we both use the same cars regularly Is it better to download an SD and complete or better to attend the court to do this as we are unsure as to what the court office has done this morning Thanks
  5. my wife had an email from Universal credit stating her benefit is being reduced due to a court fine. after asking several times UC gave her the court details, she phoned the Court to be told she had 2x speeding fine from october 2019 and had been found guilty in her absence. outcome is a 6 month driving ban and 2x fines of £811 each. and 2x 3 points on her licence (now 12 points) The fine notices were sent to an old address which we moved from 31/10/2019 so she has had no notification of these fines or they would have been paid. The court office to
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