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  1. Link deducted the £1 I sent for the credit agreement request from the judgement balance even though I made it clear in the letter for them not to. So i'm assuming that this will make the transaction complete and making them the legal owner now. At the time I thought the credit card had been cut up and didn't know the mortgage was being paid on it. Hence why I was so shocked that RBS allowed this much to be burrowed on a card.
  2. Thank you for the welcome. RBS payments stopped in 2015 and the Judgment is £13000
  3. Hi All, Hoping for a little help and advice please. This company Link Financial are chasing me for a debt that I had as a credit card with Royal Bank of Scotland. Out of the blue and having no correspondence from RBS a few year back this company claimed I now owed them the sum of money. I have written in response stating I do not acknowledge any debt to Link financial and asked them to supply evidence of liability. I also requested a true copy of the alleged agreement, a full statement of account, a signed true copy of assignment and any other do
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