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  1. Hi - email submitted. After some sleep (4am wake up yesterday - loooong day) I redrafted email to be a bit more readable whilst clearly stating the points above but being less aggressive/rude Being very tired I briefly considered just getting the repair and compensation (if they offered) but after some sleep and in the light of day I saw some further damage to the piping (minor, but there) on the same bit of arm so promptly hit send on my email! My sister also told me of her friend who had a whole host of problems trying to get damage on delivery fixed so I’m definit
  2. Thank you! Ive updated the consumer goods act in second paragraph to consumer rights act 2015!
  3. Amazing advice, I’ll nip on PayPal and donate you a coffee to say thanks! It’s hugely appreciated - this is stressful! I’ve drafted this! With your advice, I didn’t mess around I’ve yet to receive the call from the manager so I’m gonna name drop here when I speak to him! Hi DFS, As I mentioned in my email yesterday, we received our delivery of - two seater sofa, footstool and electric recliner. The recliner arrived damaged with a scuff that has started to peel the leather on the arm, a scuff on the side and a bent front leg. I was advised that I would receive a
  4. Thank you SO much for getting back to me. I THINK the chair was approx £1,200? It’s an electric recliner and cost more because we got it in black leather (because it’s practical- I’m boring like that ). I’d need to dig the receipts out for exact amount as the emails only show the total for everything. Okay. I will give tomorrow to see what they say or if they call (apparently the store manager is going to call me) and then put my request in writing as that will have been 48 hours. That seems reasonable? I’m inclined to reject and ask for a replacement as I
  5. Hi! Sorry another sofa enquiry! I received delivery of a two seater sofa, electric recliner and footstool from DFS (Scotland) TODAY. The foot was bent on the recliner (which the delivery drivers noticed when they were drilling them on) and there is some small damage / scuffs to the chair’s leather on the arm and base on the same side. (I’ll try abs upload pictures if I can figure out how to make them small enough!). The damage is small and not majorly noticeable but it has cause minor peeling already of the colour on one bit. I’ve called and within an hour a
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