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  1. Quick update in case its helpful to anyone in the future. Covid made things a little different i think, there was no prosecutor to talk to however the legal advisor to the magistrates was helpful and happy to make the decision to do the deal, this took place in the courtroom, although i had spoken to someone (i think an advocate) half an hour before who had made them aware of what i was asking. All was relatively pain free and ended up with a £3xx fine rather than the £8xx, and 3 points rather than 6. Thanks for all your help MITM
  2. Thanks all for the advice, I've receive some info from the court this morning and looks like good news in that i appear to be dual charged, from the court, Fail to give information relating to the identification of the driver / rider of a vehicle when required Exceed 30 mph speed limit in contravention of a Local Traffic Order - manned equipment So fingers crossed all goes ok om Monday
  3. Thank you for your thorough reply! I guess i got things slightly wrong in my OP, I actually made a SD at a solicitors and sent to the court recorded back in November last year, straight after i found out about the fine. therefore i assume my case on Monday is for the original offence, I've just emailed and asked to find out what the charges are and will keep fingers crossed that its dual charges and will follow all the advice set out.... just need to remember not guilty until S172 dropped. The case is in person not over the phone, is at 10am so will get there at
  4. Hi, I moved address in March last year and didn't update my driving license for a few months (doh!). In that time i was caught speeding by a mobile camera (35 in a 30), and didn't receive any of the letters due to my address not being correct. I found out about this via an AOE from my employers and subsequently paid the £810 fine for fine (not declaring details) over the next 3 months. I applied straight away for a SD, this was Nov 2020 and just found out it will take place next week, Covid has caused a massive backlog! The email says the purpose of this he
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