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  1. lisa replied by e-mail and said that the issue would be looked into. I haven't asked for further details, I'll just wait to see what happens.
  2. I managed to find an e-mail address of a reported CEO. I have received a reply from someone speaking on his behalf promising that action would be taken. He is [email protected] The one who replied is [email protected]
  3. Barclays chatbot told me that they don't take e-mail communication. Thanks, all, for your advice.
  4. Thanks Bankfodder. The e-mails are unmonitored and are obviously running through a mailing list. Barclays security say they can't communicate with Barclays to alert them. I think it is easier to delete the unwanted mails as they come in, rather than get involved with a paper battle.
  5. Thanks, Boris. I want Barclays to stop sending me e-mails which are obviously meant for someone else (I have never had an account with them). I have repeatedly reported this to their security department but they say they cannot communicate with Barclays to put a stop to this.They state that their calls centres have long waits. I found an e-mail for CEO of customer services, but it doesn't work.
  6. Can anyone help me? My question is can anyone help me find out an e-mail address for Barclays Bank UK? .
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